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If you're upcoming party is in Long Island, NYC or the Metro NY area and you're thinking of entertainment ideas,
my caricature style is complimentary, your guests will love them and most likely frame them to hang on their walls
they are kind of cartoon portraits, once the cartoon bodies and backgrounds are added.
It's funny how people get tongue tied when trying to pronounce caricatures, lots of times they'll end up asking
if I'm a character artist or the cartoon artist for parties, or a quick sketch portrait artist. Whatever you call it,
your guests, clients and friends will love this special fine art illustration experience which only takes minutes.

quicksketch characatures before you blow your entertainment budget talk to this caricature artist quick sketch caricatures
quicksketch characatures Caricature smples quick sketch caricatures caricaturist ny

Hire a Party Caricature Artist NYC for Your Next Party!

Now that winter is here and the holiday office parties are done people are contacting me for fun entertainment ideas for their
engagement party, communion, first birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, adult surprise birthday parties and sweet 16 party entertainment.

(631) 942-5154
If you get my voicemail, please leave a message with some info about the date, time and place of your party, so I know it wasn't a robo or sales call, thanks.
E-Mail: Marty Macaluso

Here's my List of Top 21 Caricature Questions
I'm asked while drawing caricatures at parties!

Assorted Caricature Samples Caricature Artist for parties caricaturist ny Caricature Artist on Long Island in Nassau County Suffolk County Caricaturist in NYC Brooklyn Queens Bronx Westchester Staten Island NY NJ CT area Party Entertainment for First Birthday Sweet-16 Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Bridal Shower Bar Mitzvah Company Picnic Christmas Parties 10th Birthday First Holy Communions 30th 40th 50th Surprise Parties Bat Mitzvahs

Visit My Caricature Artist Blog!
from a Metro NY party caricature artists point of view.

caricature talk fun caricature artist blog do you give caricature lessons? doesn't your hand hurt? Is this what you do full time?
(An updated extension of this website with more photos and humorous short stories,
get more of a feeling for what seperates me from the other local NY caricature artists.)

Caricature artist for communion party caricaturist ny

Caricature Artists for Communion Party Entertainment Long Island

When the kids are done theirs usually a number of adults want their caricatures drawn too.
Caricaturists drawing party cartoons, book my unique services for your next great event.

creative caricature drawing of King Kong on empire stabe building with cartoon of a kid flying past caricature drawn live during a corporate events party for a health care company caricatures by Marty Macaluso    For this caricature drawn during a spring carnival for a health care company (similar to drawing at company picnics) I used one of my pre-drawn backgrounds. I take a large selection of pre-printed caricature backgrounds for both kids and adult parties with me. They come in handy to speed things up while I'm drawing caricatures at parties where it's usually noisy with lots of people around. I have a bunch of small cartoon scenes on a board that people can pick from or they tell me what they have in mind, it gets them thinking before they sit down. Not many artists go through the trouble of taking pre-print scenes with them, I can make up custom party themed backgrounds also.

   The kid in the caricature to the left wanted to be in a plane, I surprised him with this picture. Instead of coming up with something from scratch I pulled out this background which is just the Empire State Building and part of King Kongs face. These backgrounds can be customized so that they won't always be the same. I usually draw King Kong holding someone or a couple, this was a first for me.

More short stories and photos like these on my Caricature Blog.

color caricature drawn during a graduation party jamaican me crazy clowning around

This is from a Thank You Letter I received after drawing caricatures during this local Long Island High School Gradation Party.
(June 2017)

"My husband Richard and I just wanted to Thank you again for such an amazing time. My guest raved about you and your awesome talent!
Your professionalism and warm presence really made everyone feel comfortable and enjoyed themselves.
Thank you again. I will definitely be seeing you again at one of my many other events, I'm sure I will be hosting."
- Take care, Thank you Joanna
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Some clowning around with caricatures :o)

Caricatures At Weddings? Yes!

Caricature artist for weddings caricaturist ny
(Fun Caricature Entertainment For Your Wedding, Engagement Party or Bridal Shower!)

Caricature artist for Sweet 16 party caricaturist ny
Have an upcoming Sweet 16 party in the family, call for a caricature artist!

caricatures by Marty Macaluso caricature for Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah invitation Bar Mitzvah boy and his dad running with a scrol Caricature Artists Entertainment caricaturist ny
Caricatures for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment - Fun Party Ideas For Kids & Adults

Caricature artist for picnic company picnic caricatures caricaturist ny
Company Picnic Entertainment! Usually I'll draw caricatures in black and white
to keep the sketches quick because of the large amount of guests at corporate events.
I'm pictured above while doing walk around caricatures, (b&w sketches work best
doing that). Staff and customer appreciation days, school & church carnivals, college
spring fling parties, just some other corporate events to keep a caricaturist in mind for.
I have other professional party caricature artists I sometimes call in for large parties.
Cartoon sketch artists fast and fun party entertainment on Long Island's
North Shore, South Shore, Montauk to Manhatten and beyond.

black and white and color Studio Caricatures From Photos also known as Gift Caricatures by Caricaturist Marty Macaluso
To My Caricatures From Photos Page, also known as studio caricatures or gift caricatures.
I can usually get more creative illustrating these caricatures because I have more time to work on them. I get orders
both for local party caricatures (sometimes for a party I'm drawing live caricatures at and I'll take it with me) or nationally
and ship them out to different states for whatever the occasion may be, surprise birthday parties, retirements parties, etc.

quicksketch characatures before you blow your entertainment budget talk to this caricature artist promo Feel free to make a copy of this promo! caricaturist ny Caricatures by Marty Macaluso

Feel free to download the above caricature artist promo - reasonably priced party performers Long Island.

Studio Caricatures of David Letterman, Jay Leno caircature and Arsenio Hall Caricatures by Marty Macaluso
This was a quicksketch caricature drawing done years ago, from off the tv - when they were younger, remember these guys?
(I'm also a cartoonist, my caricatures are a combination of the peoples faces that I catch with my complimentary caricature style
while drawing at parties and the cartoon bodies that I have fun surprising the guests with.) I often hear things like
"Wow, this caricature artists drawings really look like the people." or "It really looks like me!"

Having a party caricature artist is fast, fun and entertaining for your guests.

(My caricatures are hand drawn, so you get to keep the original, as opposed to a computer
printout with a stock background that you'll get from most digital caricature artists.)

tri state radar map caricature artist long island new york caricatures in brooklyn party caricatures near queens caricaturist ny caricatures by Marty Macaluso
Licensed & Insured • Caricature Artists NY
(Entertainment Insurance and an Artistic License to caricature faces :o)
✓ Caricatures Brooklyn ✓ Caricatures NYC ✓ Caricatures Howard Beach

Contact me at:
(631) 942-5154
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