Some Sign-In Board Samples

boards can be done in a number
of ways, usually I do the picture
11" x 14" mounted in the middle of a
30" x 40" foam core board.

These caricatures were drawn during a
Grand Opening of a Purim Store
in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn.

After drawing kids all afternoon, I got
to do caricatures of the doctors during the
grand opening of Five Towns Pediatrics
in Woodmere.

This is a pre-drawn background for a backyard Bat Mitzvah out in Suffolk County, they had a huge backyard with a paddock and horses. It's in a plastic bag that I give out with the pictures.

This is a pre-drawn background, I usually
use it for kids singing and dancing.

He's a psychiatrist, did this quickly
during a Bar Mitzvah.

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I've been doing party caricatures in the New York area since 1978.
I take a large selection of pre-drawn backgrounds to parties and
also do them upon requests. Feel free to peruse "Caricature Talk"
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The photo above is from a recent Bar Mitzvah. I also did live caricatures,
note the picture of I did of her and her husband on the table.You can see
a close up of the caricature and read more about this by clicking here.

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