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This was a going away present for a cartooning friend of mine, Don Orehek, moving to Seattle. don orehek


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Some of these are commissioned pieces, appearing here courtesy of their respective owners.
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hippy vw bus band dvd cover
A DVD cover I designed and illustrated a few years ago.

Nolan Ryan pitching a fireball.
baseball catcher catching a fireball pitch
Catching a Nolan Ryan fireball.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Editorial Cartoon
Political Cartoonist, finding fun with Democrat and Republican party cartoons.

Donald Tump caricature editorial cartoon
They got this one wrong... so far.

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Halloween Cartoon

lawyer cartoon trafic court

obama moby dick cartoon

marx brothers sarah palin cartoon
Sarah Palin Tea Party Cartoon

Obama palin McCain cartoon
Happy Halloween Barack Obama, John McCain & Sarah Palin
Editorial Cartoonists NY +pictures

I did a short little Flash animation right after the 2000 election, it's
not that great but it has my prediction for the 2004 presidential election.
click here to see it.

(I got this idea while listening to George W. Bush during his third debate with John Kerry. There could
be something to that idea of the wrong war, wrong time, wrong place and possibly hidden agendas.)

Cartooning, Editorial Cartoons, Caricature Artist & Quick Sketch Party Cartoons, NY area.
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papersculpture caricature  butch & sundance butch cassidy and the sundance kid caricature
Here's a Papersculpture I did years ago from a scene towards
the end of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

It's fun doing the Desperate Housewives, I wanted to include Edie and Katherine, but ran out of room on the page:)
(This was from the beginning of the season when Gabby was fat.)

halloween priest church cartoon
Above is a cartoon I did for this years Burndt Toast Gang Halloween Party.

accountant cartoon

lennon and mccartney cartoon

The Beatles are a group you can have some fun with. Below is a quicky I did for the
Burndt Toast Gang Halloween Party Grab-Bag.

beatles halloween album cartoon

rongo starr drumming technique
Above is a pencil sketch of Ringo drumming which appeared
in my brother's instructional drum technique book which was
illustrated by both my dad and me, it's called Repercussions.

Here's a link to a sci-fi website that
I'm illustrating Cartoons and Caricatures for:

Read about John Lennon and May Pang's UFO sighting in 1974,
(from the aliens point of view)
Is Hillary Clinton being backed by aliens?
Are you familiar with the elusive
Elvis constellation?

I also do Caricatures at Parties, a Party Cartoonist or Party Artist,
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Caricature party sketch artists are great entertainment at Graduation Parties, Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs.
I'm Located on Long Island, NY and travel within the NY NJ CT Metro Tri-State area.

Caricature Sketchs or Party Cartoons are fast n fun, great for your upcoming Holiday Parties!
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These are different, I only do a few of these a year. They are hand drawn,
on the computer (not to be confused with a quick computer generated illustration).
Basically they are a logo, they look best when they are small (try xeroxing up
one from the Wall Street Journal and you'll see what I mean). They are time
consuming and kind of on the expensive side, but very eye-catching. These
Wall Street Journal style head shots seem to appeal to lawyers, doctors and
relators. They are a unique gift for any executive, even before they retire.

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