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These are in the clear plastic bags I give the pictures out with.

Caricature Collection from a Sweet 16 party, the sign-in board at the beginning,
a couple, BFF's, iPhones, family & friends. Sweet 16's are fun to draw caricatures at.

I have a bunch of pre-drawn backgrounds I take to parties with me,
but hardly use them at Sweet 16's parties.

Sometimes I'll draw the kids the way they are dressed, other times doing something.

I did this Sweet Sixteen party in color, sometimes I'll do b&w depending upon
the amount of time and number of people.

During Sweet Sixteens most of the girls like to go in groups.

Usually groups of 2's, 3's, 4's, sometimes 6's.

Sweet 16 entertainment for large catering hall parties, small house parties, beach parties, etc.

When the kids are done, the adults like to get into the action also.

These are some fast typical backgrounds I'll make up for adults
if they don't pick a pre-drawn one..

Here's a family caricature, I did the girls first then they took off to go dancing.

Call For Pricing & Availability!
(631) 942-5154

or e-mail: martyart@optonline.net

Sweet 16 Caricatures • Licensed & Insured

(Entertainment Insurance and an Artistic License to caricature faces :o)

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