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"Hi Marty - Yes we'd love to have you at my friends
60th Birthday Surprise Party! They've invited about 45 people..."

caricature of couple at a surprise party

Below is what someone I sketched during the above
60th Surprise Birthday Party posted on her FB page.

color caricature

Patricia G
Attended a party the other night and met a pleasant man named Marty Macaluso, a very talented graphic artist who also moonlights as a Characature Artist. Everyone that I spoke to loved the results of their pic and they didn't have to sit forever to get it done. Above, the pic of Rich & I... His business card shows" Characatures" by Marty Macaluso. I got permission to post this info along with his website which he invites all to visit:

Here are some of her friends responses...

- Very neat!

- Love this! artist did a great job!

- Nice

- HEY! I know that beautiful couple!!

- You both look amazing! Lol how adorable and what a fantastic job he did! Thanks for posting !!!

- I love the way he especially got your earrings and dads high top hair! Lol great detail!!!

And again from the person that hired me for her friends party: "Hi Marty thanks again for coming to the party- everyone thought their sketches were great and the idea was a hit, a great topic of conversation and I’m sure a calling card for you!"

Fast and Fun Party Caricatures For All Ages.

surprise party caricatures on the wall
As I was drawing caricatures during a Surprise 40th birthday party people were taping them
to the walls in the firehouse party room. It was a large party so I was doing them quickly in b&w.

The below caricatures are from different types of surprise parties.

color caricature of a couple at a surprise party
Sometimes someone will hire me, as their gift, to do caricatures at a party, when I arrive
I'll find that I'm a surprise to everyone, especially the host and hostess of the party!
(Hey, it's better than surprising them with a puppy as a gift.)

b&w carucature of a couple in a rowboat and a mermaid caricature
The above is one of the pre-drawn backgrounds I take with me.

mom and daughters caricature
A group caricature of a mom with her daughters.

star wars surprise party caricature
I took this photo as I was leaving a small surprise party in someone's house.

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Call For Pricing & Availability!
(631) 942-5154

or e-mail:

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Marty Macaluso
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