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This Long Island caricature artist really catches the likeness of peoples faces, but with complimentary caricatures.

My caricature style isn't wildly exaggerated, party guests like to show their caricature pictures.

Within the first couple seconds of someone or a couple sitting down, I can see the differences in their head shapes and what to play up on, their personalities come out as I start talking to them. I get the usual comments about more hair, less chin but can tell who to play around with more, whether in their facial features, their bodies, clothes or hair styles. A good caricature artist makes caricatures fun, your guests shouldn't be afraid of things like caricaturists and clowns.

The above caricature was drawn during an employee appreciation event. This kid asked to be playing soccer which is one of the background settings that's usually requested at parties. I take a good sized selection of pre-printed backgrounds with me to parties, I also take a foam core board that people can pass around that shows the backgrounds. This helps especially when I'm drawing kids in dark noisy catering halls, the kids will usually sit down and tell me what they want to be doing instead of me asking each one and having them think about it for a while.

The above was taken during a communion party at a restaurant in Port Jefferson, NY. The girls mom bought the frames and inserted the caricatures as I drew them for the kids, after this the adults came over. Usually at kids parties like christenings, first birthdays, communions, bar mitvahs and the like I'll draw the kids caricatures first. Families with young kids and babies I tend to draw on the same page with their parents.

One of the most often asked questions I'm asked while drawing at a party is if I travel. Yes, the map above pretty much shows my range. I cover all Long Island, north shore, south shore, out east and in towards the city. I also go to NYC and beyond to Westchester, southwestern Connecticut and northeastern New Jersey. I mainly get calls to do caricatures for parties on weekends and will be able to schedule one during the afternoon and another at night, depending of course upon where the parties are, when one ends and the other starts.

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Just recently I did a 50th birthday party at a place on the Nautical Mile in Freeport and had two hours from the time it ended to get to a 60th birthday/retiremnt party in Westhampton Beach. I took the second one because it was after Labor Day weekend and I know there wouldn't be much traffic. Sometimes I can't do one because they are too far apart or the times overlap. So if you're looking for party entertainers on Long Island, I've been drawing caricatures since 1978 and still going strong!

Here's a view from my drawing board, this was during a company picnic (click the link for more about those). Ocassionally I'll do walkaround caricatures during a cocktail hour of a wedding or a company picnic, but that only works good when I'm drawing caricatures in b&w.

These caricatures are shown in the clear plastic bags I give them out in. They are 11" x 14" which is a standard size for framing. Color or b&w are the same price, it's just that in black and white I can draw more caricatures per hour.

Having caricatures done in color or black and white can depend upon how many guests you're having, your personal preference or giving people a choice of either. Sometimes either at a wedding, bar mitzvah or large corporate events like company Christmas parties or office holiday parties and company picnics I'll be asked if I can get another caricature artist or two so more people can get done or they want the caricatures in color. Even when I'm drawing caricatures in black and white I still have everything with me so I can do certain people in color, like at a wedding sometimes the bride and groom will want color. Below is another drawing board view from a large party where I booked multiple caricature artists, we drew everyone in color while drawing quick caricatures.

Although I take a selection of pre-drawn backgrounds with me to parties after a while especially while drawing caricatures for adult parties, I'll just make up scenes based on what their wearing. These are sometimes done in dark noisy catering halls where you can't always talk to or hear people. When situations like this arise I'll draw people holding drinks or dancing, small kids holding balloons or large multi-scooped ice cream cones.
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The above caricature was drawn during a bridal shower, engagement parties, weddings and anniversaries are popular types of parties for booking a caricature artist. I also do plenty of christenings, first birthdays, kids parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties, 40th, 50th, 60th surprise parties and retirement parties. I also get calls to do caricatures from photos for sign-in boards, gifts and sometimes just so that the person who the party is for doesn't have to sit during the party

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Call (631) 942-5154 or contact me
email: Caricatures by Marty Macaluso

If you get my voicemail, please leave a message with some info about the date, time and place of your party, so I know it wasn't a robo call, thanks.

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